Help Fire Service Members in Crisis

Your donation will provide short-term financial relief to San Francisco Fire Department members experiencing a behavioral health crisis. By financially partnering with SFFEBHF you directly contribute to removing financial barriers that can prevent SFFD members from obtaining the care they and their families so desperately need. Below are a few real-life examples of how your firefighter donations can provide assistance:

  • Provide access to safe housing for a member returning from residential treatment and not allowed to return home for various reasons or a prolonged stay with an aftercare program is recommended by the treating clinician.
  • Provide supplemental wage pay for a member who has used up all their vacation or sick time and is going to residential treatment but can no longer pay their rent or mortgage.

  • Provide a retiree struggling with addiction who has been forced to let their health insurance lapse and can no longer afford residential treatment.

  • Provide specialized testing for an individual struggling with a PTSD/PTSI induced sleep disorder when that special testing is not covered by insurance.


Note: Donation checks can also be mailed directly to SFFEBHF, PO Box #880442 San Francisco, CA 94188. For questions about your donation, feel free to email Thank you for your support!

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